HBCU Enrollment [Data Visualization]

This week I explored the TidyTuesday dataset of the week: Fall enrollment in degree-granting historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU). I plotted the proportion of student enrollment by gender over time. Plot made in R with ggplot2.

The Bachelor (TV Show) [Data Visualization]

For this #TidyTuesday, I plotted the age of contestants on The Bachelor across >20 seasons. There was no significant trend in the age of contestants over time. The average age is between 25 and 27 with some variation from 21 to 34.

Tate Art [Data Visualization]

#TidyTuesday dataset of the week is the art collection of Tate Art Museum. I made a visual of the number of acquisitions made by Tate by decade taking into account what decade the art was created.

Toronto Homeless Shelters [Data Visualization]

The #TidyTuesday data of the week come from #OpenDataToronto on homeless shelters in Toronto and their occupancy from 2017 - 2019. I took a try at web map with help from #rstats and Leafletjs.

Washington Hiking [Data Visualization]

#TidyTuesday of the week for Washington Hiking data from @ WTA_hikers. You’re looking at the most common words used to describe parks in each region of WA (word clouds) and the most unique words used to describe each region (tf-idf). View code here.